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For mutually-beneficial long term cooperation

You know what? As one of the SFP factories in Shenzhen, it is a great experience for me to talk with you here.

I was founded in 2012. I am like a person that combines all the workers’ life in this factory. I have my own research and development department.

SFP transceivers are produced in the workshop every day. People on every position works responsibly in every common but also treasurable day. These people are from different provinces and cities of China. Some of them came to Shenzhen city more than 20 years ago. Some of them came in recent years. People gathered here for what? For a better life. A better life means that living condition is improved, also means that inner quality of one’s personality is improved. In this united Youthton team, people are like brothers and sisters, they assist each other, support each other, care about each other. The whole team is like an optimistic, active, diligent person with perseverance, patience, stability, and dedication to the work.

Quality stability is embedded into products from the factory. Many machines are used during the production process to ensure accuracy or to test kinds of parameters. But finally, it is the people, it is the whole team, that assures the continuously stable quality of products.

I am a factory with passion, ambition, professionality.I am ready to build up mutually-beneficial long term cooperation with every potential customer. Try, please. Contact me, now, the very moment, now.

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Shenzhen Youthton Technology Co.,Ltd.

Room 401, Building C10, Fuyuan Industrial Park, No.598 Zhoushi Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China




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