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Factory with R&D, production, and sales

Shengzhen Youthton Technology Co.,Ltd.

1. Founded in: 2012

2. Offering OEM/ODM service

3. Grow to be better with customers

4. Contribute real value to society

 Youthton's Working Team

Innovative, ambitious, striving for excellence every day with youthful diligence, competence and commitment.  

What we do 

With an entirely unique go-to-market strategy, Youthton supplies a broad portfolio of high-quality and cost effective mainstream products that are compatible with over 50 optical switching and transport platforms, and offers OEM/ODM products which have lower acquisition cost without sacrificing quality or support. Every single transceiver is designed specifically for the demanding network environment, and is manufactured in the strict quality control and reliability test system.   

Broad Compatibility 

Youthton factory provide OEM/ODM service.

Customers often make regular stock for normal prodcuts and sell to the end customers according to the specific compatible requirement.

They recode the SFP, XFP, or QSFP transcievers using Youthton program board and software. In this way, they can ship product very fast to their local customers.

Above 50

Compatible brands

Above 43

OEM cooperator

Quality stability is embedded into products from the factory. Many machines are used during the production process to ensure accuracy or to test kinds of parameters. But finally, it is the people, it is the whole team, that assures the continuously stable quality of products. Youthton is a factory with passion, ambition, professionality, ready to build up mutually-beneficial long term stable cooperation with every potential customer.

For mutually-beneficial

long term stable cooperation