Active Optical Cable and Direct Attach Cable
No.Data RateProduct TypeDistancePackageNote
110GDAC1mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
210GDAC1.5mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
310GDAC2mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
410GDAC2.5mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
510GDAC3mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
610GDAC5mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
710GDAC7mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
810GDAC10mSFP+ to SFP+Passive
925GDAC1MSFP28 to SFP28Passive
1025GDAC2MSFP28 to SFP28Passive
1125GDAC3MSFP28 to SFP28Passive
1225GDAC5MSFP28 to SFP28Passive
1340GDAC1mQSFP+ to QSFP+Passive
1440GDAC2mQSFP+ to QSFP+Passive
1540GDAC3mQSFP+ to QSFP+Passive
1640GDAC5mQSFP+ to QSFP+Passive
1740GDAC1mQSFP+ to 4 SFP+Passive
1840GDAC2mQSFP+ to 4 SFP+Passive
1940GDAC3mQSFP+ to 4 SFP+Passive
2040GDAC5mQSFP+ to 4 SFP+Passive
21100GDAC1mQSFP28 to QSFP28Passive
22100GDAC2mQSFP28 to QSFP28Passive
23100GDAC3mQSFP28 to QSFP28Passive
24100GDAC5mQSFP28 to QSFP28Passive
25100GDAC1mQSFP28 to 4SFP28Passive
26100GDAC2mQSFP28 to 4SFP28Passive
27100GDAC3mQSFP28 to 4SFP28Passive
28100GDAC5mQSFP28 to 4SFP28Passive
2910GAOC1-**mSFP+ to SFP+Active
3025GAOC1-**mSFP28 to SFP28Active
3140GAOC1-**mQSFP+ to QSFP+Active
3240GAOC1-**mQSFP+ to 4 SFP+Active
33100GAOC1-**mQSFP28 to QSFP28Active
34100GAOC1-**mQSFP28 to 4SFP28Active