2019 - 06 - 29
In the past several months, the Group Corporation continuously invested money into Youthton’s factory construction. Youthton added some automatic equipment, updated the workshops, and improved management. These measures brought higher production capacity, lower producing cost, better product consistency, stability and reliability. Organization structure was adjusted and assessment and competition regulations are applied. Communication and coordination between different departments are more efficient. We set up cooperation with more and more customers with large quantity nee...
2019 - 04 - 04
Qingming Festival (also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day), which falls on either April 4th or 5th, is one of the Chinese Twenty-four Solar Terms. From this date temperatures begin to rise and rainfall increases, indicating that it is the crucial time for plowing and sowing in the spring.Upon the coming of Qingming, the weather in Shenzhen now is getting warm and flowers are in bloom; the sky is clear and bright. On April 4 afternoon, Youthton held a meeting celebrating the Qingming Festival.The General Manager shared one of his perspectives on this festival: we ...
2019 - 03 - 09
On March 8 afternoon, all the sisters in Youthton had a joyous gathering for celebration on Women's Day.As a girl, they may be: mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law. In Youthton they hold these posts: administrator, sales manager, production line worker, accountant, assistant. They work diligently here and create value for themselves, for the company, for their family members, and for the society. They are proud of their contribution and Youthton is proud of them.They work here in the Youthton family and care about each other, help each other, share joy together, rise to the challe...
2019 - 02 - 13
After spending the Spring Festival Holiday, Youthton staff came back together to the company on Feb.12, starting work with full confidence for a brighter 2019. Youthton will continue developing and producing high-quality optical transceivers and will strive industriously to become an outstanding contributor in optical communication industry at an earlier moment.
2019 - 01 - 19
On January 18 afternoon, Youthton held 2018 Summary and Commendation Conference.18 employees gained Management Elite Award, Outstanding Employee Award, Special Contribution Award, Best Newcomer Award, and Best Progress Award. Receiving the awards delightfully, they all felt grateful to the company because they can play their talents to the best in Youthton. They will try to achieve better performance in their work in the future.After the awarding ceremony, the General Manager made a summary of the work in 2018 and arranged the work of 2019.Under the leadership of the General Manager, Youthton ...
ZTE Corp. (0763. HK / 000063.SZ) said it landed half of section 4 of China Mobile's high-end router/switch centralized procurement 2021-2022. As a result, ZTE will supply its ZXR10 M6000-18 S and ZXR10 M6000-8S Plus routers to China Mobile. The share was the largest granted in section 4, which is expected to be the largest of the sections put out to bid, ZTE adds.China Mobile will use the ZTE routers in service router and provider edge applications to support cloud private networks, network clouds, 5G UPF (User Plane Function), IP private networks, and metropolitan area networks. The platf...
Nokia has taken the wraps off its fifth-generation IP routing silicon. Appropriately called the FP5, the silicon is designed to support 800 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces as well as improved security through flow-based encryption, while offering a 75% reduction in power and a new embedded line rate.The FP5 will enable Nokia service router platforms to support high-density 800GbE and 1.6-Tbps clear channel routing interfaces. (The company has already conducted terabit clear channel tests based on the previous FP4 chipset; see “Nokia, Vodafone Turkey trial intercontinental 1-Tbps clear-channe...
Nokia says it partnered with Vodafone Turkey to demonstrate a 1-Tbps per channel coherent transmission over the latter’s live fiber network. The demonstration suggests the ability to increase network capacity to 70 Tbps per fiber.The 1-Tbps was transmitted across 130-GHz bandwidth without errors on Vodafone Turkey’s in-service optical network between data centers. The route benefited from Nokia’s wavelength routing technology, including a non-blocking CDC-F ROADM optical switch architecture and support of C+L band transmission. Equipment used included the 1830 PSI-M (Photonic Service Interconn...
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