High Performance Computing (hereinafter referred to as HPC), namely Supercomputer Center HPC, its market is being developed toward the direction to use heterogeneous computing systems and improve energy efficiency ratio: GPU, DSP and ARM processors run at the same time to achieve higher Petaflop values with less energy consumption. IDC forecasted that the annual growth rate of HPC sales amount would have to remain at around 7.3% if HPC server market would realize the goal of sales amount of 15 billion dollars in 2017. Supercomputing has a very wide range of applications, including automobile manufacturing simulation, weather forecasting, molecular biological study, geophysics, etc.; in these areas, parallel computation, plenty of data processing and complex operations are always needed. Big data analysis which is often discussed recently also uses supercomputing.


HPC requires the most efficient computing platform. Computing Cluster technology platform has become the most common hardware solution of HPC simulation due to its excellent productivity and flexibility. The Computing Cluster technology platform often uses the following high-speed interconnection technologies for communication, such as: InfiniBand, high-performance Ethernet (simplified frame structure), BlueGene, Gray and other interconnection technologies, and also the infiniBand interconnection technology has been adopted by 41.2% Supercomputer Centers.

Solution for Supercomputing Center InfiniBand Network  

Ethernet or Cray interconnection technology is used by many systems in Top500 of Supercomputer Center and these special advantages make infiniband become popular in supercomputing; according to the statistics, the infiniband interconnection technology is used by 41.2% systems in Top500 list of global Supercomputer Center. 

Facing Supercomputer Center InfiniBand interconnection applications, Youthton can provide a complete product line and a operating rate covering QDR, FDR and EDR and provide different plan combinations based on actual application scenarios, which can provide great convenience to the solution selection of clients.

Solution for Supercomputing Center InfiniBand Network  

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